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Oak parquet

The oak is the most noble wood species.
This is a kind of wood is very widespread in Europe and the vast majority of our floors (only solid) are made in oak. Our parquet floors are all made in our workshop near the mythical Troncais's Forest

Some samples of Oak parquet :
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Chevron parquet floor Chevron parquet floor Chavron parquet floor with a border chevron parquet floor in the dressing room Passage between the bedroom and the dressing room Focus Bonding in full for this parquet floor Start of laying General view Panneaux d'Aremberg en cours de pose Collage detail The site is progressing Installation almost finished in this room Another room with Aremberg panels Focus Focus view End Grain wood blocks in oak For this project, pavers have an exceptional dimension of 16 cm by 16 cm General view of the room Beginning of the pose Otherwiew End grain wood block with leached gray finish When the wood pavers meet the tiling Focus Slightly rounded pavers Patern layout Beginning of the laying Laying parquet floor almost completed In front of the fireplace General view of Versailles parquet floor installed Focus view Patern layout Versailles parquet flooring being laid Overwiew Tapis Chantilly en cours de pose The Chantilly parquet  floor is installed Passage between the entrance and a reception hall Passage between the entrance and a reception hall Pattern layout Parquet floor Cannage : laying Focus Over view of parquet floor Cannage Parquet floor Chantilly in the corridor Close up shot The parquet floor is laying D'Aremberg panels Oak gray leached for these panels d'Aremberg Panels d'Aremberg on steps Parquet Chantilly in this corridor Pattern layout Between Chevron parquet floor and d'aremberg Pattern layout Paving parquet floor Large hallway with carpet flooring Chantilly Plan Wood and glass Aremberg panels in oak Drawing Paving parquet floor Chevron parquet floor Parquet floor Echelle Drawing Between Chevron Parquet Floor and Versailles panels Pattern layout In a corridor at right angles An other wiev Pattern layout Aremberg panels at the entrance Pattern layout Cannage parquet floor cannage parquet floor focus Pattern layout Junction between the tile and the floor Laying technique Laying technique: following Laying technique: following General view of the parquet Herringbone Focus Other view of laying Technical details of the pose Radiator covers in oak Chevron parquet floor front of his fireplace General view of Herringbone parquet in another room Herringbone parquet in the bathroom Pattern layout Detailed of laying Passage between two rooms done  Front of the fireplace Closeup of  the changing direction of the Chevron parquet floor Front of the fireplace, Overview of the parquet floor Chevron leached gray oak Access to the main room Focus Pattern layout Start of laying Implementation of Versailles panels parquet floor Overview of the Versailles parquet floor Other overview Parquet Versailles leached gray oak Pattern layout Work site Overview The beautiful wedding of books and parquet Aremberg An other overview Focus Gray oak flooring Parquet floor on two levels Oak flooring gray leached Solid oak parquet flooring gray Focus Another view of this gray oak flooring The pattern layout Before the laying Around the fireplace before installing Around the fireplace after installation Overview of the site during the installation of the Chevron parquet floor Installation technique Details of laying Doorway After the cleaning Overview Another overview Focus The pattern layout Technical problem The site! Front of the fireplace After cleaning Junction between the chevron parquet floor and the Versailles parquet floor Chevron parquet floor reversed Installation details Pattern layout Technical installation Chaos! Geometry # 1 Geometry # 2 Overview <br> Old parquet? No! Aged parquet Parquet floor Chevron (aka Point de Hongrie) Detailed look Pattern layout Before installation Start of laying Installation technique Overview Focus Site during laying Beginning of laying parquet Parquet floor Chevron in oak Overview of the parquet floor Laying technique Overview Focus on the oak parquet floor Chevron End grain wood blocks Close view of the end grain wood blocks End grain wood blocks in various sizes Close view of the floor Parquet oak square Close view of the end grain wood blocks Wood cut in hexagonal form End grain wood blocks parquet floor hexagone Parquet floor pattern weaving in oak Detail mounting this hexagon parquet floor A hexagon parquet floor ready to ship Hexagonal parquet floor ready to ship End grain Octagonal parquet floor in oak with Closeup Parquet floor hexagon. End grain wood blocks in oak. Gray leached finishing End grain wooden floor Octagon in oak with walnut U.S. Parquet floor Closeup End grain wood block hexagon during finishing Implantation of he parquet floor Management of baseboard The situation before State of play after Other general view Focus Implantation of he parquet floor The situation before After laying Another overview of the floor Laying technique Detail The lay of the gray floor Installation of the parquet floor chevron in oak gray leached Glued parquet floor chevron gray Parquet floor chevron in oak gray leached Oak flooring gray leached (Chevron) Junction with the entrance paving end grain wood blocks In the entry, gray chevron floor parquet (45°) is reversed in the middle of the room Pattern layout Glued with soundproofing cork 3 mm Baseboard management Passage Overview Other special panel style Chantilly Mirror effect From one room to another Other general view Laying pattern Before laying After laying Beginning of the laying Baseboard management Zoom In front of the fireplace Overview Pattern layout The beginning of the project Laying the Versailles oak panels In the front of the fireplace General view after installation Details view of the passage way Details Beginning of the laying of the parquet Chevron Skirtings Overview parquet floor Chevron Other general view Zooming in on a detail Laying End Grain Wooden Blocks in a corridor End Grain Wood Blocks being laid End Grain Wooden Blocks with oiled waxing Final result Another view of the floor Drawing plan of the parquet floor Flooring in the attic of a medieval castle Glued on the middle floor Details on the surface of the medieval floor Glued wood floor Medieval Technical detail: the sawing Technical detail: the screwing Technical detail: forged nails Tinting the parquet floor Tinting Protection by oil-wax Parquet floor Medieval finished Another view of the finished floor Zooming in on this Medieval parquet floor Overview Medieval parquet floor Drawing plan Begining of the laying Progression of the laying Flooring being laid Details of the installation The laying is almost complete Chevron parquet floor with finishing Overview of the parquet floor Pattern layout The situation before the installation The panels d'Aremberg have replaced the carpet Installation details of the panels The combination of wood panelling and parquet Aremberg Management of the fire place Aremberg panels in the office General view in the library Retail floor (1st example) Zoom (2nd example) Layout planning of a Versailles parquet floor The situation after removal of old flooring Insulation before laying the parquet floor Versailles panels Details of the insulation Beginning of laying Solid oak parquet floor Versailles Versailles parquet installed Parquet floor Versailles with shuttles Detailed view on the junction of panels
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