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Versailles floor

We manufacture our parquet floor Versailles in a completely traditional: no glue and dowels.

Some examples of Versailles floor :
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Layout planning of a Versailles parquet floor The situation after removal of old flooring Insulation before laying the parquet floor Versailles panels Details of the insulation Beginning of laying Solid oak parquet floor Versailles Versailles parquet installed Parquet floor Versailles with shuttles Detailed view on the junction of panels Pattern layout The beginning of the project Laying the Versailles oak panels In the front of the fireplace General view after installation Details view of the passage way Details Pattern layout Glued with soundproofing cork 3 mm Baseboard management Passage Overview Other special panel style Chantilly Mirror effect From one room to another Other general view Implantation of he parquet floor Management of baseboard The situation before State of play after Other general view Focus Pattern layout Before installation Start of laying Installation technique Overview Focus The pattern layout Technical problem The site! Front of the fireplace After cleaning Junction between the chevron parquet floor and the Versailles parquet floor Installation details Pattern layout Start of laying Implementation of Versailles panels parquet floor Overview of the Versailles parquet floor Other overview Parquet Versailles leached gray oak Patern layout Versailles parquet flooring being laid Overwiew Patern layout Beginning of the laying Laying parquet floor almost completed In front of the fireplace General view of Versailles parquet floor installed Focus view
Wood species: Oak parquet