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About our works

About Calepinages

The laying, drawing of the parquet floor is essential operation prior to any project of parquet floor.

The parquet type panels Versailles, Aremberg, Chantilly and others can not have a standard size (as we hear too often 1m × 1 m).

The drawing of the parquet has precisely the function to détemine the size of panels to cover the room elegantly, it can also decide whether or not it is appropriate to lay the panel with shuttles.

When there is a fireplace, the panels are centered on it.

The geometry of the parts is rarely "perfect", it is often preferable to locate these panels diagonally to the walls.

The parquet types Chevron, Fern or herringbone are also subject to a layout plan prior to any fabrication. After selecting the orientation of the parquet floor, the implantation drawing determine the number of spans, the size of the blades and the cutting angle.

Draw the location of the parquet floor is crucial for manage specific areas, such as hallways, passageways, corridors etc.

End grain wood floor for hexagon, and wood of thread for shuttles, in oak

View hexagon design principle In the following video you will see the installation of a floor rug hexagon oak.

Hexagons are in oak , they are 141 mm between two parallel banks.

The surface sanded and brushed edges broken . They are layed without finishing.

The shuttles were brushed and gray washed.

After laying, no sanding and of course, the all be protected by two layers of Bona Naturale.

About the panel manufacturing Versailles, Aremberg, etc. Chantilly.

We manufacture panels "to measure", it's the laying out which determines the size of the panels.

This is a traditional manufacturing, with mortise and tenon, no glue.

Depending on the characteristics of the site, these panels are manufactured in different thicknesses: 22 mm conventionally for installation on a flat surface (concrete or screed intermediate floor), 15 mm usually replacing carpet and 30 mm for installation on joists.


The panels Versailles consists of 43 pieces, 42 assemblies, and therefore many, tenons, mortises, and ankles.

The panels Aremberg consists of 35 pieces and 29 assemblies.

About the installation

A Calepinage obviously facilitates a precise laying parquet panels Versailles, Arenberg, Chantilly, etc.. and the parquet floors of family : Point of Hungary, Chevron, ferns, etc. Herringbone.

The beginning of the installation is important; soon as a panel of parquet is positioned, the place of other panels is already determined.

The laying glued "give time" to fine tune the position of each element.

Where possible, the interposition of an insulating undercoat is desirable, it provides sound insulation and walking comfort.

A peripheral seal along the walls is required. Typically, the baseboard will cover later.

But some projects call for special solutions. For example, existing skirting boards should remain in place, it must then cut off the skirting to slide the parquet floor. See this parquet floor oak Chevron with aged patina finish

Another case: it is not possible, due to the nature of the walls, to install baseboards; a rubber gasket is then placed prior to the installation of parquet

This is the case with the oak end grain wood blocks standing in a chalet in Switzerland whose walls are rough stone.

About the finish

When it comes to replica of parquet great French classics, we recommend an aged finished patined in the workshop before installation.

Aging of the surface, in tinting protection oil special parquet floor, hot wax.

It only remains to polish after installation with a buffing machine.

Other projects require a different finishing of the parquet .

For example leached gray finish, the surface is destructed, then brushed leaching (house process) provides the gray color which is then protected by a varnish matt or Bona Naturale.

Currently, a wide variety of protection products are at our disposal (oil, wax oil tinted varnish of the ultra matte to glossy).

The finishing the parquet is decisive ; there between in the field of decoration. is edited by SARL Atelier des Granges.