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End grain wood floor

Some examples of End grain wood floor :
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Laying End Grain Wooden Blocks in a corridor End Grain Wood Blocks being laid End Grain Wooden Blocks with oiled waxing Final result Another view of the floor End grain wood blocks Close view of the end grain wood blocks End grain wood blocks in various sizes Close view of the floor Parquet oak square Close view of the end grain wood blocks Different types of wood for these blocks Wood cut in hexagonal form End grain wood blocks parquet floor hexagone Parquet floor pattern weaving in oak Detail mounting this hexagon parquet floor A hexagon parquet floor ready to ship Hexagonal parquet floor ready to ship End grain Octagonal parquet floor in oak with Closeup Parquet floor hexagon. End grain wood blocks in oak. Gray leached finishing End grain wooden floor Octagon in oak with walnut U.S. Parquet floor Closeup End grain wood block hexagon during finishing Paving parquet floor Paving parquet floor Cannage parquet floor cannage parquet floor focus Beginning of the pose Otherwiew When the wood pavers meet the tiling Focus Slightly rounded pavers Focus view End Grain wood blocks in oak For this project, pavers have an exceptional dimension of 16 cm by 16 cm General view of the room
Wood species: Oak parquet, Walnut and Cherry parquet