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Chevron floor

Some examples of Chevron floor :
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Beginning of the laying of the parquet Chevron Skirtings Overview parquet floor Chevron Other general view Zooming in on a detail Laying pattern Before laying After laying Beginning of the laying Baseboard management Zoom In front of the fireplace Overview The lay of the gray floor Installation of the parquet floor chevron in oak gray leached Glued parquet floor chevron gray Parquet floor chevron in oak gray leached Oak flooring gray leached (Chevron) Junction with the entrance paving end grain wood blocks In the entry, gray chevron floor parquet (45░) is reversed in the middle of the room Site during laying Beginning of laying parquet Parquet floor Chevron in oak Overview of the parquet floor Laying technique Overview Focus on the oak parquet floor Chevron Pattern layout Technical installation Chaos! Geometry # 1 Geometry # 2 Overview <br> Old parquet? No! Aged parquet Parquet floor Chevron (aka Point de Hongrie) Detailed look Chevron parquet floor reversed The pattern layout Before the laying Around the fireplace before installing Around the fireplace after installation Overview of the site during the installation of the Chevron parquet floor Installation technique Details of laying Doorway After the cleaning Overview Another overview Focus Pattern layout Detailed of laying Passage between two rooms done  Front of the fireplace Closeup of  the changing direction of the Chevron parquet floor Front of the fireplace, Overview of the parquet floor Chevron leached gray oak Access to the main room Focus Other view of laying Technical details of the pose Radiator covers in oak Chevron parquet floor front of his fireplace General view of Herringbone parquet in another room Herringbone parquet in the bathroom Pattern layout Junction between the tile and the floor Laying technique Laying technique: following Laying technique: following General view of the parquet Herringbone Focus Variation of Parquet floor  Chevron Pattern layout Pattern layout Chevron parquet floor Between Chevron Parquet Floor and Versailles panels Pattern layout In a corridor at right angles An other wiev Pattern layout
Wood species: Oak parquet, Walnut and Cherry parquet